The exterior of Primo Autobody Repair shop.

90. Thorium: Bright Lights, Big City

Sure, thorium could provide practically limitless clean energy, but then we couldn’t build weapons of mass destruction.

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Nuclear fuel plates submerged in water, showing the blue light of Cherenkov radiation.

89. Actinium: The Windup… And The Pitchblende

We all know that radioactive rocks glow in the dark, except they actually don’t, except for when they actually do.

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meep meep

T. R. Appleton wearing a homemade costume of Beaker, the muppet, for Halloween.
This year’s podcast-appropriate Halloween costume, which my wife very kindly made for me.

Happy Halloween, folks! Hope you had a safe Samhain and are all knee-deep in sweets — or at least basking in the golden glow of late autumn.

No new episode today, but next up will be actinium. So long as I stay on schedule, that will post next Monday, November 8.