13. Aluminium: War Of The Words

Listen to some of the pointless arguments caused by element 13, and take a look at the argument-filled history of one sharp aluminum point.

Featured above: The Great Pyramid of America that would have held George Washington’s remains.

Show Notes

Heavy Metal: Morgan, from Verne’s novel, should have known better than to suggest copper after iron had been ruled out. Copper is three places to the right of iron on the periodic table, and almost 10% heavier than iron!

No Further Questions: The Wikipedia page for aluminium has been locked, banning further edits from anonymous contributors.

“Pyramidion” is one of those interesting words that has a very specific definition: The little pyramid at the top of an obelisk or pyramid. The one pictured above is the very one from the Washington Monument, during its short tenure at Tiffany’s in New York.

And here is Greenough’s version of Washington. Really, what remains to say that hasn’t been said already?

And below are two other possibilities for the Washington Monument: The originally proposed obelisk with colonnade, and a possible redesign following the twenty-year hiatus. (Click for big.)

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