Materia Prima: An Expression Of Matter

Occasionally I stumble upon a particularly ingenious art project, or game, or topic of news that I think you, the listener, might be interested in. Yesterday, I learned that the creators behind an exciting Kickstarter project had stumbled across me!

Materia Prima: An Expression Of Matter is a deck of oracle or tarot cards, each depicting one of 84 elements on the periodic table. The artwork on these cards is stunning, and crafted expertly using letterpress printing and gold foil and a slew of processes that are beyond my own understanding. Each card portrays one element as a character, depicted in a style that reminds me of ancient Greek pottery — a time when we had a very different idea of the physical world.

I find the cards very clever, too. Hydrogen as a mother figure, with one electron looming large; phosphorus with one curious, crawling seedling; fluorine as “the tiger of the elements!”

Anyway, one of the founders of the design studio sent me a very kind email the other day, not only explaining the project, but also that she and some of the Kickstarter backers were really enjoying The Episodic Table Of Elements. It’s such a pleasure to know the podcast is finding its audience, especially with such talented artists and scientists.

If you’ve been following the program for a while, you know that I don’t run advertisements of any kind, neither on the show itself nor on this blog. If I’m plugging someone else’s project, it’s because I actually like what they’re making — as I’m sure you can tell in this case! I’m just pleased I can let my audience know about their project, like they did for mine. Materia Prima has already surpassed its target goal, so there’s no doubt it’ll be funded. Definitely check it out if this has piqued your curiosity.

Especially in 2019, the International Year Of The Periodic Table, it seems like lots of creatives are exploring the artistic side of this scientific tool. If you happen to know of any others, feel free to sound off in the comments below, or drop me a line!

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  1. Thank you, Thomas!!! Our Backers are having such a great time listening to the Episodic Table and have been thanking us for bringing such a joyful discovery to their attention. The comments we are hearing most are how awesome it is to get a new, fascinating look at the table of elements. We will be listening all the way through to the end ?

  2. Hi, I’m a new listener and heard about you through the Kickstarter! I love the way both projects are making me rethink my relationship to the natural world on a level I had previously avoided like the plague since my sophomore year of high school!

    1. This is such an uplifting sentiment to read! That’s exactly the sort of reaction I hope to provoke with the show, and I’m so glad to hear that people appreciate it! Connecting with the Uusi and the other backers of their Kickstarter has been so rewarding, too. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your comment. It means the world! I hope you continue to enjoy the show. 🙂

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