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Hi ho, just a quick update between episodes for you dedicated readers of the blog. In this post, news on the 2018 Podcast Awards, and an art project of interest.

First of all, if you were kind enough to nominate the show for a 2018 Podcast Award, I’m sorry to say that we were not among the ten most-nominated shows in the Science & Medicine category. That’s all right! We’re still pretty fresh on the scene, and some shows that I thought were a shoo-in didn’t make it on the slate, either. There’s always next year! (And then some. At my current rate of production, we’ll make our way to the end of the periodic table sometime in 2022!)

Congratulations to those ten shows nominated to win!

Second, Consulting Producer Derrick Burton discovered, through his network of librarian masterminds, a fun bit of scientific artwork: Elemental Haiku by Mary Soon Lee. Each element yet discovered, and the as-yet-unsynthesiszed Ununennium, gets their own poem that beautifully reduces each element down to seventeen syllables. I had a lot of fun going through the elements already covered on this show, astounded at how Soon Lee was able to touch on many of the same topics in such a brief format. Lithium and Beryllium stood out to me, in particular.

And that’s it! The next episode will air according to schedule: Calcium, on Monday, September 3. In the meantime, check out Potassium: An Undeserved Reputation if you haven’t already, or wander the archives for a bit.

Talk to you soon!

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