Next Episode

Hi folks. It turns out there’s a lot to say about iridium, and rather than try to rush the episode out half-baked, I’m going to delay release by a week. I hate to do it, but I hope you find that the final result is worth the extra time in the oven.

…Or After

I know I just pushed back the next episode by a week, but I’m afraid I need to do so again. This week, I’ve contracted a case of COVID, so now I’m surrounded by boxes and sick. I don’t have the kind of case that’s worryingly severe, but I’m spending most of my time sleeping rather than reading and writing. (Even if I had the script ready, it wouldn’t sound very good filtered through my phlegmatic larynx.)

I’m sorry to delay hafnium yet again — I’d certainly prefer not to have to do so! We’ll get back on track here ASAP. In the meantime, I hope all of you manage to remain healthy!

Next Episode: December 7

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely and safe Thanksgiving, or if you’re not American, a lovely and safe Thursday.

My wife and I have spent the past week packing and unpacking cardboard boxes full of everything we own, which tends to take an awful lot of time! So rather than Monday, November 30, the next episode will be posted on Monday, December 7. Tune in then to hear all about hafnium!

Upcoming Schedule

Just a quick note to mention that there will be no new episode on Monday, September 7. I’ll be traveling and unable to record — plus, it’s Labor Day. Might I recommend you mark the occasion by reading about the bloody struggle fought by the American working class, in the past as well as today.

Also, yes, that is Teen Vogue. I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but over the past few years that magazine has become one of the most class-conscious publications available in the mainstream. The 21st century is weird.

Anyway, join me again on Monday, September 14 to hear all about erbium.