Holiday Schedule

Hi everybody, just a quick post to let you know there’s no new episode today. It’s an unusually hectic schedule here with the end of the year fast approaching, so Antimony will be posed on Monday, December 16, resuming a regular schedule following that. Tellurium will post on December 30, and the first episode of 2020 will be Iodine on January 13. My apologies for the disappointment! If it’s any consolation, the next episode is gonna be a doozy.

ETE on PBS Scitech Now

The Episodic Table Of Elements has officially made its television debut in the latest episode of SciTech Now on PBS! I appear in the first segment of the episode, which includes an interview with Hari Sreenivasan followed by an excerpt of Episode 1, Hydrogen, with some complementary visuals underneath. Plus, you can sneak a peek at what the show’s Periodic Table Of Episodes archive will look like once it’s completely filled with episodes!

I think this is just about as cool as rubidium, and I’m extremely grateful to the kind and hardworking people at SciTech Now and WNET/Thirteen. The show airs at different times on different stations, so check your local listings to tune in to future episodes, or stream them online.

Please Hold

Hello folks, just a quick update here to let you know I’m not planning on releasing a new episode on Monday, October 7, per the regular schedule. I’ve been pressed for time these past two weeks, so episode 47 will be posted at 6am on Monday, October 14, instead.

I hate delaying an episode, but I want to publish my best work as much as you deserve to hear something that hasn’t been rushed. When the episode is released, I hope you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.