Happy Monday

Hi folks,

I know it’s been a while since our last episode, Actinium. I would’ve liked to post Thorium tomorrow, November 29, but alas, the fates decided against that. Even for a year that’s been more hectic than usual, the past few weeks have been especially full.

Truly, it would be impossible for 2022 to be more disruptive to the podcast schedule than this year has been! (Famous last words, I know…)

Thanks for hanging in there. When we do get around to thorium, we’ll hear tales of another lady pioneer of chemistry, hopes for the green fuel of tomorrow, and New York City’s trendiest Superfund site.

Podcast Playlist

Exciting news! The CBC Radio program Podcast Playlist has just featured The Episodic Table Of Elements as recommended listening, alongside the esteemed company of Darts & Letters, The Big Story, Star Trek: The Pod Directive, and ars PARADOXICA.

If you’ve found you way here thanks to those folks, welcome! I’m delighted you’re here. Podcast Playlist featured an excerpt of Episode 84, Polonium. Please do check out the rest of the episode to hear how that element sees use by vinyl record enthusiasts and state-sponsored murderers. And take a look at The Periodic Table Of Episodes to explore elements 1 – 83. (We’ve also visited element 85 and beyond now!)

Marie Curie will return in Episode 85, Radium, in which we’ll learn why not one but two duels were fought over Mme. Curie’s love and honor. 

The program has been on a bit of a hiatus recently, with my attention having been devoted to contractors, doctors, mechanics, clients, bosses, brides, and grooms. So I’m pleased to say that radium’s episode will finally air on Monday, October 18. Use the links in the right-hand sidebar to subscribe (or use your podcatcher of choice) to be notified when new episodes post.

A huge thank-you to everyone who’s waited patiently for the new episode, and for those of you visiting for the first time, I hope you enjoy discovering The Episodic Table Of Elements.

Next Episode

Hi folks, just a quick note to say that the next episode, Polonium, will publish a week from Monday — that’s Monday, July 5. We’ll be on a slightly slower schedule like this throughout the summer; I appreciate your patience!

Leading Up To Lead

Hello, listeners! Just a quick note to say the next episode will post on Monday, May 17, rather than tomorrow. Things have been a little busy on my end, and our next element is a doozy: Lead. There’s a lot to say on the subject, so I’d also like to take a little additional time to make sure I cover everything.

You won’t be totally empty-handed, though. Return here tomorrow for a look at a beautiful new book that focuses on one of the stars of Primo Levi’s classic book about the elements.

I’ll be traveling a bit over the summer, mostly to visit family I haven’t seen in over a year(!), so the show might operate on a slightly slower schedule like this over the next few months. I’ll publish a post like this to let you know when that’s the case, though — I wouldn’t want anyone stuck with nothing to listen to on a Monday morning!