Sticking To That Summer Schedule

AKA, a very irregular one.

Nothing much new to say here, but between my day job, travel, and life generally just being busy, I’m going to need to delay the release of episode 85, Astatine. It looks like that might be an episode about all the people who¬†didn’t discover the element — but we’ll have to wait till Monday, August 2 to find out.

Thank you for any patience you have that remains!

Next Episode

Hi folks, just a quick note to say that the next episode, Polonium, will publish a week from Monday — that’s Monday, July 5. We’ll be on a slightly slower schedule like this throughout the summer; I appreciate your patience!

Leading Up To Lead

Hello, listeners! Just a quick note to say the next episode will post on Monday, May 17, rather than tomorrow. Things have been a little busy on my end, and our next element is a doozy: Lead. There’s a lot to say on the subject, so I’d also like to take a little additional time to make sure I cover everything.

You won’t be totally empty-handed, though. Return here tomorrow for a look at a beautiful new book that focuses on one of the stars of Primo Levi’s classic book about the elements.

I’ll be traveling a bit over the summer, mostly to visit family I haven’t seen in over a year(!), so the show might operate on a slightly slower schedule like this over the next few months. I’ll publish a post like this to let you know when that’s the case, though — I wouldn’t want anyone stuck with nothing to listen to on a Monday morning!

Next Episode

Hi folks. It turns out there’s a lot to say about iridium, and rather than try to rush the episode out half-baked, I’m going to delay release by a week. I hate to do it, but I hope you find that the final result is worth the extra time in the oven.