Upcoming Schedule

Just a quick note to mention that there will be no new episode on Monday, September 7. I’ll be traveling and unable to record — plus, it’s Labor Day. Might I recommend you mark the occasion by reading about the bloody struggle fought by the American working class, in the past as well as today.

Also, yes, that is Teen Vogue. I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but over the past few years that magazine has become one of the most class-conscious publications available in the mainstream. The 21st century is weird.

Anyway, join me again on Monday, September 14 to hear all about erbium.

New Episode Delays

Hi folks, sorry to say there won’t be a new episode this Monday. I’m fortunate enough to remain gainfully employed at a time when many people are not, but the downside is that sometimes the job bleeds a little outside its normal hours. This weekend is looking to be one of those times, and I’m not going to even have time to write, let alone record and edit a new episode before Monday.

Barring any further complication, the next episode will be available on Monday, June 22. Tune in then to hear all about europium.

Behind Schedule

Hi everybody, as you may have noticed, there’s no new episode this week. Real life caught up with my hectic schedule: I spent several days fighting with the cable company to regain a lost internet connection, and right after that I got knocked out with some flu-like kind of sickness.

I hate delaying an episode, and ordinarily I’d try to get the next episode up by the following Monday. But considering I’m still feeling pretty tired and have a lot of catching-up to do¬†outside the podcast, I think I’ll need to push Iodine till Monday, January 27.

In the meantime, please do check out the episode I recently set to video, or go back through the archives until I’m ready with a new one. I’m looking forward to remaining firmly on my fortnightly schedule after that!