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Perhaps you, like me, have occasionally thought that all this audio would benefit from a little visual representation. We’re both in luck! The program can now be found on YouTube.

Yesterday, I posted the zeroth episode of The Episodic Table Of Elements as a video on YouTube:

I’m well aware that this is not the prettiest video, but that’s because it’s a learning experience.

When I first started producing the program, I hadn’t done very much narrating, nor much sound mixing. It showed! Those first few episodes are rather rough around the edges.

I have done a fair bit of video editing before, but it’s been a while, and I haven’t used Adobe Premiere before. So likewise, my first project using that software is a little rough around the edges.

The two make a good match, really! With any luck, the videos will start to look a little more professional at the same rate that the audio did.

Much respect to those of you out there who work primarily with video: Even for something as simple as this, it requires a significant investment in time to get it out the door. As such, I’m not planning to adhere to any strict schedule for releasing old episodes on YouTube — it’s just going to be whenever I happen to find the time.

If you’d like to get notified when that happens, you know the drill: like, subscribe, hit the bell, yada yada yada. Smash that big red button in the upper-right corner. And let me know any thoughts you might have!


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