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In this episode, learn how Dmitri Mendeleev overcame a difficult childhood to become known as the Father of the Periodic Table.

It may be helpful to have a periodic table to reference while listening to this show. In my opinion, the most useful one on the internet is freely available at PTable.com.

I also promised to include a few examples of non-traditional periodic tables. Click any of the below to view at a larger size:

Theodore Benfey’s atomic spiral. CCA-SA by dePiep
Mendeleev’s Flower. CCA-SA, by Тимохова Ольга
This has color coded 3D cut-away views of the spherical Schroedinger electron probability densities (making it 4D with 3D objects). CCA-SA by Jgmoxness.

One of Mendeleev’s original tables is at the top of this page, and hundreds more are available at meta-synthesis.com.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or anything you’d like to see in future episodes, leave a comment below!


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