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If you enjoy The Episodic Table Of Elements, please consider nominating the show for a Podcast Award. Keep reading for details on how — and why.

Any creative endeavor involves a certain amount of self-promotion. I know this can sometimes be annoying for an audience who simply wants to find out where to find chemical elements for their collection (or whatever they talk about on other shows), but I hope you’ll forgive this minor intrusion.

The Episodic Table Of Elements is a potential nominee for the 13th Annual Podcast Awards. This is a real, honest-to-gadolinium award that’s previously honored such legendary shows as This American Life, This Week In Tech, and ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football.

Podcasts can be nominated in one of 20 different categories. The ten shows that receive the most nominations in each category will be considered for an award.

Here’s the thing: The Science and Medicine category for 2018 has some pretty heavy hitters, such as The Story Collider. As dedicated as we all are here at ETE, I don’t think we can really compete on the same level as those guys for the award.


As of this writing, there are 17 contenders for nominations in the category. That means over half the shows who’ve thrown their hats in the ring will be nominated for the award! And while we might not have much of a shot at winning, I would love if we could crack that top ten.

There is no advertising on The Episodic Table Of Elements, and there never will be. I’m never going to try to sell you a mattress on this show. It’s a labor of love, and what I’d like the most is for anyone, anywhere, who might be interested in the subject matter to be a part of the audience.

I’ve seen the numbers, so I know you all are out there listening. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Some of you have even taken the time to rate the show on iTunes and Stitcher, which is an enormous compliment! I’m extremely grateful for that, so I hope you won’t mind me asking for this additional favor. If you’d like to help me get The Episodic Table into as many ears as possible, here’s how you can do it.

Nominating ETE For A Podcast Award

  1. Sign up for a Podcast Awards account. I realize this is a barrier to entry, and a lot of people don’t like surrendering their email addresses willy-nilly. That’s why nominating ETE would be an enormous favor. I can at least tell you that the signup process is quite simple.
  2. After verifying your email address, proceed to the Podcast Awards Nominations page.
  3. Scroll down to the Science & Medicine category and select The Episodic Table Of Elements, as seen here:
  4. You don’t need to select nominations for other categories! You certainly can if you’re familiar with those other shows, and I’m sure they’d appreciate your nomination, too. But don’t feel like you need to select shows you’re not familiar with!
  5. Hit Save Nominations!

And that’s it!

If you like what we’re learning here, I’d greatly appreciate you going to all this trouble to say thanks. But even if you don’t, thank you for reading this post — and please know that, above all, I’m very grateful to have you as a listener.

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