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If you enjoy The Episodic Table Of Elements, please consider nominating the show for a Podcast Award. Keep reading for details on how — and why.

The Episodic Table Of Elements is once again a potential nominee for the Annual Podcast Awards.This is a real, honest-to-gadolinium award that’s previously honored such legendary shows as This Week In Tech, ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football, and This American Life.

The process goes through a couple stages. The first stage is happening now: Anyone who wants to can vote on their favorite podcast in each of 20 categories. The ten shows in each category that receive the most nominations will be considered for an award by a panel of judges.

As of this writing, there are 13 contenders for those top ten slots in our category. If nothing else, I would love for The Episodic Table Of Elements to be displayed on the Podcast Awards website for the next year.

We’ve entered the past two years, but couldn’t make it to the next round of voting. We’re a bigger audience this year, though, and I think we can change that!

If you’re willing to help, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Nominating ETE For A Podcast Award

  1. Sign up for a Podcast Awards account. I realize this is a barrier to entry, and a lot of people don’t like surrendering their email addresses willy-nilly. That’s why nominating ETE would be an enormous favor. I can at least tell you that the signup process is quite simple.
  2. After verifying your email address, proceed to the Podcast Awards Nominations page.
  3. Scroll down to the Science & Medicine category and select The Episodic Table Of Elements. It’s highlighted in blue in this image:

4. You don’t need to select nominations for other categories! You certainly can if you’re familiar with those other shows, and I’m sure they’d appreciate your nomination, too. But don’t feel like you need to select shows you’re not familiar with!

  1. Hit Save Nominations!

And that’s it!

If you like what we’re learning here, I would greatly appreciate you going to all this trouble to say thanks. But even if you don’t, thank you for reading this post — and please know that, above all, I’m very grateful to have you as a listener.


6 Replies to “Cast Your Vote”

  1. Hi Mr Appleton,

    It’s my biggest pleasure voting for you and I will be very happy at the time you may be chosen as a winner. I am really grateful for your efforts to make the podcast available free of charge. The story that you narrate about those elements are really fascinating and they are inspiring me as I am very passionate about Chemistry.

    Thank you very much and I am praying that you will win.
    May GOD bless you!!!


  2. You may ramble on a bit and regularly slide off piste quite remarkably – but I must say that your podcast is one that is consistently a joy to see pop up in my podcast list. Thank you.

    I was about to give you my vote of thanks but the link you provide goes to a site saying that the system is not accepting new user log-in. Is this a temporary glitch?

    John M.

    1. I’m so glad to hear how much you enjoy the show, John! And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to vote for it in the competition.
      The voting period for these awards usually runs sometime around July through August, so it’s probably closed off for now. We’ll get another shot later this year, if you care to vote then. Either way, thank you so much for listening!

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