Sticking To That Summer Schedule

AKA, a very irregular one.

Nothing much new to say here, but between my day job, travel, and life generally just being busy, I’m going to need to delay the release of episode 85, Astatine. It looks like that might be an episode about all the people who didn’t discover the element — but we’ll have to wait till Monday, August 2 to find out.

Thank you for any patience you have that remains!

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  1. Well, there is Tennessine, element 117 and the element directly below Astatine in the dominant version of the Periodic table… Granted, it’s well past the last element that’s been manufactured in macroscopic amounts, I understand many aspects of periodicity breakdown in period 7, and it’s below the metalloid zig-zag if I’m not mistaken and is predicted to have properties closer to other superheavy radioactive metals than to the Halogens… So whether or not it’s a Halogen probably comes down to how you define the word Halogen(is it being the penultimate member of a period or is it some subset of the properties shared by Fluorine, Corine, Iodine, Bromine, and Astatine?

    1. Jeffrey, thanks a ton for getting this one for me! 😉 I don’t think I could say anything better than that.

      Regarding what the next episode would be about, I make no promises, but I’ve met a number of characters so far.

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