2. Helium: Above All That

This week, we try to interact with helium, even though it really doesn’t want to. Plus, we explore the occult side of chemistry, as described by the theosophists.

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1. Hydrogen: Close To The Sun

As we investigate our first element, we’ll meet warring balloonists, witness mass media’s first major tragedy, and see how the tiniest mistake can cost a lot of money. Plus, we’ll try to pin down where hydrogen belongs on the periodic table.

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0. Everything The Light Touches

In this episode, learn how Dmitri Mendeleev overcame a difficult childhood to become known as the Father of the Periodic Table.

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Preview The Episodic Table of Elements

Wondering what sorts of things you might here on The Episodic Table of Elements? I’ve produced this brief teaser so you can get an idea of what kinds of stories you’ll hear.

The Episodic Table of Elements will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, and right here on EpisodicTable.com starting January 1, 2018. Kick off the new year with a little chemistry in your ears!