Behind Schedule

Hi everybody, as you may have noticed, there’s no new episode this week. Real life caught up with my hectic schedule: I spent several days fighting with the cable company to regain a lost internet connection, and right after that I got knocked out with some flu-like kind of sickness.

I hate delaying an episode, and ordinarily I’d try to get the next episode up by the following Monday. But considering I’m still feeling pretty tired and have a lot of catching-up to do outside the podcast, I think I’ll need to push Iodine till Monday, January 27.

In the meantime, please do check out the episode I recently set to video, or go back through the archives until I’m ready with a new one. I’m looking forward to remaining firmly on my fortnightly schedule after that!

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    1. I meant to thank you sooner for your well wishes — thank you! 🙂 Feeling much better now, and Iodine is already recorded, nearly ready for posting next Monday.

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